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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Who's in, who's out?: Pryor & the basketball Bucks

Per Scout.com and the punctual reporting over at Our Honor Defend & Eleven Warriors, Terrelle Pryor is taking the plunge and announcing his decision "sometime" next week.

And with days to spare until the April 1 deadline!

Check out OHD/ 11W for the particulars of this breaking news (yes, there is mention of "the list.") The long and the short of it seems to be that old T.P. never did pencil in those visits to Oregon or Penn St. and might be choosing between OSU and Michigan after all.

As there was a relative Pryor gossip blackout after his brief appearance at OSU's Junior Day, there can be much speculation about who was whispering what into his impressionable young ears between basketball games. I'm looking at you, Rich.

Concerning the basketball Bucks...

With a few games underway/left to play today, Joe Lunardi, Phd, Bracketology, named OSU one of the "last four out" of his pre-selection show bracket. It was the last time you'll see "Ohio St." mentioned in the same stanza as "Illinios St. and New Mexico St."

Only time will tell.

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