Special thanks to Steve Spencer of The Columbus Dispatch for use of his "Mount Buckmore" artwork.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Belmont coach employs the sweater vest look, nearly up-ends Duke

Rick Byrd, Belmont basketball head coach, put a new face to the sweater vest "trend" this evening during his near-upset of Coach K and the hated Blue Devils (71-70). It's uncertain as to whether the look is inspired by The Vest himself, but a quick scan of the Bruins website and the always reliable Google Images shows that Byrd is rarely seen without a handsome v-neck over a crisp button down.

Needless to say, coach Byrd is a poorly-executed inbounds play away from making my short list of complete strangers who I'd trust to tattoo a Block-O on my neck while driving recklessly through a suburban neighborhood.

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