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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Did Gumbel almost say Ohio St.?

Absolutely. Someone get the selection show on YouTube, post-haste.

For anyone who missed the show or gave up after the first two regions were named, CBS's Greg Gumbel reeeeeallly sounded like he was about to read Ohio State in place of Georgia for the 14th seed in the West.

Alas, Georgia certainly deserves to be there after winning four games in three days to capture the SEC's automatic bid and, as 11w pointed out, officially booting the Bucks.

However, in the tradition of, who else, Georgia, we can certainly bitch about why we should have a more desirable post-season destination. CBS pointed out earlier in their broadcast that, essentially, the official brackets were locked in early this afternoon--taking into consideration the different outcomes of the SEC and Big 10 championship games. So, as I'm almost certain Gumbel almost said, Ohio St. would have been the 14th seed in the West if Georgia had lost today.

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