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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Terrelle Pryor narrows list down to 1

Terrelle Pryor will be attending The Ohio State University and is the dual-threat icing on top of the cake that is the best recruiting class in the Jim Tressel era (with the signing of Pryor, OSU "leapfrogs" USC to claim ESPN's 6th best class.)

His anti-climatic press conference has long past the 5- minute mark and one can imagine the strain traveling reporter Paul Germain feels in his left arm while holding his Blackberry up the TV back in Columbus.

I'll be looking for some kind of transcript of the p.c., as it played out more like a post-game interview. Most intriguing were the segments where T.P. reminisced about RichRod's plea for one more chance and gave us fans some reassurance that his diva status was the fault of us bloggers/media.

UPDATE: 10tv.com has screwed me again. Check here for the video (Thanks Vico, OHD)

Elsewhere, Mike Ferrell, Pryor's unlikely confidante throughout the saga, says goodbye to his most interesting story ever.

And finally, Kirk Bart--er, Michael Brewster's take on the deal (from Scout.com):

“Because we have one of the best coaches in the country,” Brewster said. “We’ve got the offense that will mold him into a Heisman (winner), a line that will protect him and this offense will not only mold him for a Heisman but will also make him ready for the NFL. The spread offense at Michigan and what they run, that will get you hurt as you can see in all those programs: Oregon, Florida, West Virginia. Also, nobody runs that in the NFL. I just want my good friend to be playing quarterback so I can protect him.
Check back for continuing coverage and join the effort to beat this dead horse for a few more days

Welcome home, Terrelle.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the fans, Terrelle. No one in Buckeye City thinks you're going to lead us to multiple nat championships in fball and bball. -Cynic talking

Seriously though, "welcome home." I know where the good prostitutes are in the Short North. -Antonio Henton talking

I'm MORE glad I transfered. -Rob Schoenhoft talking

Anonymous said...

hmm, looks like you're getting some of the same "fan mail" I've been getting too over the Pryor commitment. I can't imagine sour grapes taste that great anyways.

Cheers, though. Great pickup for the Buckeyes.

- Vico

Poe McNoe said...

Thanks Brewster. Nothing like freshman saying Heisman.

Wait a second. Can Brewster throw the ball? Does he play in the SEC? Dammit, I was going to say he could be the heisman winning QB from Florida who should go unnamed. They are about equal in mass.