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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bucks grab that elusive No. 1 seed after all

Only this year it's in the N.I.T., which, evidently, is not as "prestigious" as the NCAA Tournament.

Ohio St. will face that venerable, history-rich program from North Carolina, UNC-Asheville, which, evidently, exists. (Tuesday, 7PM, ESPN2)

The big story thats making everyone in Bristol, CT giggle is the possibility that OSU and Florida will meet again in a championship setting. It's still uncertain whether this scenerio would be good for anyone.

I'm trying to find a good site for electronic N.I.T. pools. Seriously.

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josh said...


Saw your comment about NIT bracket pools on our old site. You'll be glad to know that we at Cuse Country are running another pool this year; you and all Buckeye faithful are welcome to join. Stop by cusecountry.com for the details. I look forward to our rematch in MSG in a couple of weeks!