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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Can't score, can't win, Kent State

Taken earlier today: The Golden Flashes pose at the Delt house before departing for Omaha

Ragging on Kent St. is about as relevant as a Mad TV sketch, but today was an unpleasent reminder of why the Golden Flashes will always be that other MAC team from Ohio.

K-State was drubbed today by UNLV,71-58, in one of those hard-to-predict 8 v. 9 matchups. Other than mildly embarassing me in the opening round of what is destined to be my best pool showing ever, the Flashes only scored 10 points in the 1st half.

10 points.

A glance at the box score offers a few explanations for this offensive "output," the obvious being 17 turnovers (in the first half.)

This unceremonious early exit, though only one round earlier than I expected (UNLV will face Kansas in the second round), is most disappointing when considering the amount of positive press Kent St. earned leading up to the tournament. In fact, many experts were labeling this year's team as "giant killers" who had a legitimate chance against the mighty Jayhawks. We'll never know.

All eyes now turn to Xavier and Brookhaven grad Andrew Lavander, who barely escaped Georgia today, 73-61.

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