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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pur-doin' pretty damn well; CBS writer takes a cheap shot

It would appear that amateur hour is officially on hiatus in West Lafayette. Purdue's athletic program, recently marginalized in the Big Ten, is showing some serious signs of life, posting an 11-1 conference record (1st place) and is 20-5 overall (AP #19.)

Source/ESPN 2/14/08

Things are going so swimmingly for the PU ballers that star frosh Robbie Hummel has reached "Dead Hooker in the Trunk status."

After joining a non-exclusive club when they beat the Bucks last month, the Boilermakers have quality wins over Louisville, Wisconsin and Michigan State. A win over in-state rival Indiana on the 19th (with or without Kelvin Sampson) would nearly guarantee Purdue as the trendy pick from the Big Ten come tourney time (sorry, Wisconsin.)

OSU gets another shot at Purdue on March 4th, when I'll almost certainly recycle this post.

What's more, the football Boilermakers are quietly having a solid off-season. And by 'solid' I am referring to Joe Tiller naming his expiration date, hence giving the underachieving program something to look forward to and (hopefully) give the portly coach some motivation to win some games after September. JT also pulled in a decent recruiting class, including QB Caleb Ter Bush, the awkward, rangy type that Tiller has daftly molded into Draft-ready pocket passers in the past.

As for that basketball team from Columbus, and I don't mean the Quest, they got help from big man Kosta Koufos in their win over lowly Northwestern last night. Next up is another walk-through with Michigan (Sunday, 1:00PM) followed by a back-to-back dates with Wisky (Fe. 23,24.) Excellent.

Finally, I give you this late-hit on Tressel and OSU's recruiting tactics.


Doyel is a total jackass (contradicting to boot.) The angle here seems to be "I cover sports for a living but am just now realizing college recruiting isn't a tea party." Gregg, if you're going to focus on the ugly side of this year's Signing Day, waste more than a one breath on Urban Meyer or put Mack Brown under your Learn-and-Grow microscope.

If you're not compelled to tell this guy why you could do his job in 200 words or less, then check his hilariously modest bio wherein Doyel cites the two quotes by which he lives his life:
The first comes from My Name Is by Eminem: "I don't give a f---, dog. God sent me to piss the world off."

The second comes from The Rose by Bette Midler: "I say love, it is a flower. And you, its only seed."


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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rich pulls a Hillary

Add RichRod to the list of people you shouldn't take to see Atonement. The Michigan Man had a sit down with ESPN's George Smith that ended on a weepy note.

The interview naturally led to questions regarding West Va.'s reaction to losing their native son to the Wolverines/a pile of money:

To Rich's credit, the whack-jobs who issued death threats to his family should be locked up in one of those all-mustard yellow WVU uniforms.

However, no UM fan can be pleased with the way their new coach is handling this situation, much less himself. In the two minute duration of this televised interview, Rodriguez displayed more emotion than Lloyd Carr on his wedding day. I feel that Rich's course of action should have been making a threat of his own, along the lines of Owen Schmitt, his former FB, tracking down these pranksters using little more than his primal instincts and one of the face masks he broke this season.

Use your imagination while watching the tail end of this clip aptly titled "Owen Schmitt beats self with helmet."

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