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Friday, December 28, 2007

'Eye Candy

"Now let us never speak of it again"

Says a battle-tested Marge Simpson after her
family's dangerously eventful trip to Itchy and Scratchy Land (which included a stop at 'Adult Island' and T.G.I. McScratchy's Fundrinkery.) Little did she know she was speaking on behalf of Ohio sports fans in the year 2007--or as it's referred to by ThePalestra.com: "The Year Ohio Came in 2nd."

Taking a cue from ThePalestra.com, this edition of 'Eye Candy is catered to all you masochists out there who'd like to unlock suppressed memories from the year that wasn't.

Now, let us never...

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Silver Bullet Points

ESPN finds clever new interpretation of SEC acronym

Not much to be said here. Tressel actually gives a comment that could be translated as *gasp* self-promoting and B-Hart continues to illustrate why he'd be much more intimidating if he didn't talk or remove his helmet and pads.

  • Terrelle Pyror on Rivals Radio: TP sounds like he really phoned this one in, so to speak. It's fairly short and fun to see if u can discern any kind of tonal variation in Pryor's voice when speaking of Ohio St. A couple items of note:
    • He has an official visit scheduled at Michigan.
    • He claims to be legitimately considering Duke. The interviewer, in a feeble attempt to translate Terrelle's monosyllabic mumbles, brazenly states this is merely a "courtesy visit."
    • Basketball is "not that important."
    • He doesn't have to play immediately.
  • Corso and Herbie talkin' shop, title game. Towards the end Corso evidently begins reading off of/ stealing from Kirk's teleprompter, though I assume this is protocol by this point in the season:

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Silver Bullet Points

A time to count our blessings (loot)

With Christmas now a thing of the past and before the good bowl games start, it's time to inventory OSU's haul:

  1. No NCAA sanctions for the "violation" reported in this recycled story that had ESPN drooling for a day or so.
  2. Josh Jenkins officially de-commits from WVU. Swallow the left-overs for this one: if Jenkins joins the Brew-Crew group of '08, he would punctuate a class with four 5-star O-line commits.
  3. And this guy is on board for 2009
  4. Ohio St. beats Florida!!!
  5. Rich- Rod decides he can't bare to loose Michigan's running backs coach, perhaps ensuring Michelle Hart will be back for an unprecedented 5th straight loss to the Buckeyes.
Another year at Michigan or taking that offer as Tiki Barber's understudy on The Today Show...

Not too shabby, but is it too late to ask for some kind of closure to this Donald Washington drama?

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