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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pryor to announce tomorrow

Projected to be bigger than the season finalies of Project Runway and Rock of Love 2 combined, Terrelle Pryor will finally end speculation and announce his decision tomorrow, high noon.

As evidenced by the brevity of the Post Gazette article, this is "breaking" news and there's no word of a televised press conference at this time.

UPDATE: It took a couple hours, but there's finally some substantial, non-recycled info surfacing in light of Pryor announcing his plans to announce his announcement. Bob Lichtenfels of Scout.com posted an article titled "Pryor Ready To Move On" this afternoon...and it sounds like Pryor to OSU isn't exactly a sure-bet.

Pryor has told various media outlets that he is down to two teams, but today he told us it still remains set at three.
One source who only spoke on condition of anonymity, but is very close to the situation has informed us that Michigan has made up a lot of ground recently and could be the wild card in this situation.
“Several very influential Michigan players past and present and other NFL people have been telling him that Michigan would be the best move for his future,” our source said. “Ohio State looks to be the front-runner, but I wouldn’t close the door on Michigan just yet."

I'm not sure who these "influential" Michigan players of the past could be since most of them seem to enjoy bad-mouthing their alma mater in the media. Perhaps all this additional reporting by Lichtenfels is just meant to add an element of suspense because I feel this quote says it all:

Pryor doesn’t appear to be very dramatic about the whole decision making process and was not evasive when we asked if the school of choice already knew his plans.
“I’m pretty sure they know I’m coming," Pryor stated.

If "they" isn't "us" at this point, I'd say Buckeye Nation has been duped.

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Anonymous said...

apparently ESPN News is picking up the announcement, says the people at BuckeyePlanet

Anonymous said...


^ link, sorry about not including it in the first comment.

- vico

Dave said...

Nice. Too bad that doesn't come in my cable package that includes all 8 Encore channels.

Anonymous said...

yeah, you can imagine how I feel, I gave up the extended package (that had ESPNews) I had because it didn't occur to me that I would ever watch those channels.



Anonymous said...

it's a shame we don't live in Ohio anymore, 10TV will televise the news conference:


- vico

Dave said...

Which channel does Dimitrius Stanley work for? I hope they make him drive to PA tonight, just to give him something to do.

Anonymous said...

DDN is saying its the Buckeyes: http://www.daytondailynews.com/s/content/oh/story/sports/college/osu/2008/03/18/ddn031908pryor.html?cxtype=rss&cxsvc=7&cxcat=32

- Vico