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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chris Long's dad is better than your dad

Well, the old NFL combine (not unlike the "old fashioned 3 point play" that Steve Lavin mentioned on more than one occasion during last night's hoops game) has come to an end.

Todd McShay of ESPN says some stuff, jumps on the Vern bandwagon and then talks about some other stuff.

The big news, as far as you and I are concerned, wasn't Gholston's brute strength or even his speed, but that the reigning king of sacks at OSU might actually be a better NFL prospect than UVA's Chris Long. Long, for those who don't know, was an All-American DE on an otherwise lame Cavaliers team who has the NFL build and pedigree (read, Howie Long). In his defense, based strictly on appearance and the one Cavs game I saw last year, Long looks like he power curls Harley Davidsons and bathes in the tears of O-linemen.

Events in which Gholston bested Long:

  • 40 -Yard Dash
  • Bench Press
  • Vertical Jump
  • Broad Jump
The 3-Cone drill and shuttle runs play more into Long's strength in lateral movement, agility, footwork, etc. and arguably make him the better catch. CFN believes that Long will still be the top defensive end taken, but also says that Gholston's overall workout was one of the highlights of the combine.

Kirk Barton and Larry Grant were the other Buckeyes in Indianapolis for the combine. Grant, who is part of a LB class thought to be weaker than usual, had a decent showing. He excelled in the agility drills, particularly the 3-cone, making his case for a first day selection.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Gholston creating a buzz at combine

Hey, Vern!

The recently departed Vernon Gholston (not to be confused with Ernest's omnipresent off-camera comrade) seems to be making an impression at the NFL combine.

ESPN is impressed with his meteoric rise to success and humble demeanor. Other than the intangibles, Vern is also the new prototype for NFL defensive ends.
Gholston had to be versatile enough to rush the passer and drop into coverage at the "Leo" spot, so he'll have any easier adjustment as a 3-4 outside linebacker in the NFL. If he winds up playing as a 4-3 defensive end, he admits there will be a harder transition with lining up in a three-point stance.
But Gholston did play offensive line in high school, so he has some experience with putting his hand on the ground. He's also smart enough to pick up any position, especially when considering how he played against [Jake] Long.
Then there's his improbable build and super human strength that liken Gholston to one of those greased-up extras in 300. The bulky defender put up 225 lbs 37 times in the bench press, tying the high for this year's combine. Watch him achieve what you never will.

The other prospect with 37 reps? None other than Michigan's Jake Long. Methinks an appropriate tie-breaker may be that sack Long gave up this year when the two went head-to-head.

Kirk Barton was three behind, with an impressive 34 reps.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

What game?

Scout.com has posted a few photos from this afternoon's cameo. Here, with Dublin Coffman's Mike Adams:

Per traveling reporter Paul Germain and the Newark Advocate, the previously mentioned commits that Pryor was with were J.B. Shugarts, Mike Adams, Michael Brewster and Jake Stoneburner.

Pryor and the gang evidently vacated their premium seats before things got ugly on the court and hopefully went somewhere more intimate to discuss their prosperous future together.

Paul, who is just begging for a pay raise or at least a reimbursement to cover all his text messages today, says to expect some "exclusive" information from local reporter Jeff Hogan, who appeared to grab the recruit for a minute of face-time. Contradicting reports, however, say that Pryor avoided making any comments to reporters.

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Pryor back in the 614

UPDATE: Elvis has entered the building. According to Paul, Pryor made a brief, if not premature, entrance as the Buckeyes headed to the locker room for half-time. He exchanged greetings with the Brew Crew before ducking out of view with Tressel.

Doug Lesmerises of the Plain Dealer reports that Terrelle Pryor is in fact in Columbus today.

Lesmerises spotted everyone's favorite unsigned 5-star recruit heading into the Woody Hayes Center with a modest entourage that included football teammate and potential future Buckeye, Jordan Hall.

As posted by Move the Needle and reported by The Post Gazette, Pryor put on his Kobe face last night and had a huge, huge (a near triple-double in the FIRST HALF) game in the Penn. state tourney.

Traveling reporter Paul Germain offered an extra set of eyes at the Schott and has been phoning in updates, anticipating a red-carpet entrance by the boy wonder. With about 4 minutes left in the first, no sign of the QB recruit.

According to Paul, a few members of the Brew Crew are at the game as well, including O-lineman J.B. Shugarts who is already enrolled at The Ohio State University.

On day when Twig is sinking threes and Butler comes off the bench, anything seems possible.

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