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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Besides the INTs, Boeckman Looks Pretty Good

Yes, the annual Scarlet-Gray spring game this year was a bonanza and by bonanza, I mean rainy and offensively-challenged.
Boeckman, leading the Scarlet against the hated Gray, turned in a head-scratching performance: 12 for 18, 145 yards and two picks. However, Boeckman was close to perfect completion percentage when he threw his second INT. So Becks' two interceptions were close to being his only two incompletions.
As my colleague noted, Boeckman showed his flair for underthrowing the long ball (his first pick). LB Ross Homan intercepted Boeckman when he made an shaky throw in traffic at the middle of the field. However, the inceptions tarnished the day Boeckman could have had--he nailed a 48-yard bomb to Brian Hartline that set up Scarlet on the one and a TD. Additionally, he showed great skill in completing the dink-dunk short slants to Hartline which will most certainly be a part of the offensive repertoire this year.
Thus, Boeckman joins Kansas QB Todd Reesing as competent returning starters named Todd who threw two picks in the spring scrimmage. But fear not, Buckeye fans. Beanie Wells, Brian Robiske, and a few O-linesmen did not participate, which would have certainly helped out Boeckman. Moreover, the conditions were not ripe for a Troy Smith at Michigan outburst. Rain damped the ball, field (and crowd).
Bottom line: its still spring, its still so early, and its still Boeckman's team.
Res ThaSequel bleeds scarlet and gray, but that is due to a botched blood transfusion and a whole lot of food coloring.

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