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Saturday, February 9, 2008

When's the spring game?

Saturday, April 19, actually. The question is, will the national runner-up men's soccer team be the honorary coaches?

And, fret not, the NCAA requires Terrelle Pryor to nurture his tortured soul and have a decision ready by April 1st.

In the midst of recruiting scandals, sad and poorly conceived as well as just plain poorly conceived , Keith of Buckeye Commentary announced he is getting out of the game. The team at Eleven Warriors can speak to this at greater extent, though I too am a longtime fan of BC--it being my first source of biased Buckeye babble outside of the strict confines of The Dispatch. What I'm uncertain of is if BC will continue to operate, any info on that would be just terrific.

Meanwhile, Our Honor Defend, a new, highly insightful OSU blog, has been picking up the slack the past few days; putting closure to Signing Day.

But, for recruitniks and assistant coaches (Bollman pulling his weight) alike, the recruiting "season" never ends, as evidenced by the recent unveiling of the list of top '09 prospects. Note OSU's defensive commits John Simon (Cardinal Mooney) and Jordan Whiting (Louisville, KY) in the top 50. Simon (right) is said to be a certified bad-ass, in the mold of '08 signee Garrett Goebel.

Finally, big throw down on the hard court tomorrow (or next month if you're going by my schedule on the sidebar.) Buckeyes v. Hoozers in The Schott @ 1:00PM (CBS). Listen for plenty of Bobby Knight references accompanied by the nearly-sepia toned reel of him that has been looping on ESPN for the last week. If that doesn't get the nostalgia nerve twitching, then stick around for the halftime recognition of the '68 Final Four team. Gew.

photo/ SCOUT.COM

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Anonymous said...

I kept hearing of John Simon as the next Vern Gholston (per physique) but never really saw it until that pic. holy frijoles that's a big ol' boy.