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Sunday, February 3, 2008

He plays basketball, too

The floor: Pryor puts the ball on it while Tressel and RichRod drool on it
photos/ ERIC SCHMADEL-Tribune-Review

Jim Tressel and RichRod brought their respective entourages to Jeannette (PA) High School for a glimpse of Terrelle Pryor's off-season digs. Team Tressel and Team Rod squared off on opposite sides of the gymnasium (Tress in his seat during the J.V. game, Rich barely making the first half) to watch Pryor add 27 points and 12 boards to his team's victory.

Though both Joe Pa and a crew from Oregon made their final pleas last week, Tressel and RichRod's "joint" visit was likely the last big push before signing day (Feb. 6). On the unfortunate side of things, it's looking less and less likely that Wednesday will be the conclusion to this saga.

If there's one thing thats gotten lost in the labrynth of Terrelle Pryor coverage, it's that he was originally billed as the next great two-sport phenom. The modern day Charlie Ward or, perhaps, John Lumpkin.

As of recent, however, T.P.'s basketball career seems to have taken a backseat to more exciting endeavors like visiting second-tier schools (UM) over the weekend and playfully dangling the media like marionette puppets Monday-Friday.

Pryor's initial criteria when shortlisting schools was his freedom to play both sports at the collegiate level, a increasing rarity. Despite the unrealistic request, none of his suitors, including Ohio St., flinched at the idea of the 5-star recruit turning in his pads for the winter.

Such is the mystique of Terrelle Pryor.

No word yet as to if RichRod (above) was planning on purchasing the rest of the leather jacket once this whole buy-out thing gets cleared up.

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