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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What the hell is going on

Woah, woah, woah. Bold move Terrelle. So mum is now officially the word tomorrow for Pryor, as I trust printed news sources more than some sweaty-palmed reporter from Rivals. The Post-Gazette, which has kept us all abreast of the star QB's movements says Pryor had a change of heart at the eleventh hour and simply can't make his decision tomorrow. He'd also like to give Penn State another once over, you know, drink some near beers with Joe Pa and really wrap his mind around that "White Out" spectacle.

Check out this segment of the article:

"When we talked (Tuesday morning), I gave him my choice and he gave me his," said Pryor's father, Craig. "They weren't the same. But it's his decision."

Craig Pryor said he did not pick Ohio State, but he did not indicate what school his son chose.

Craig Pryor also told his son that playing immediately might not be the best way to make progress. He said it wouldn't hurt if he sat back and watched while he tries to learn to read defenses.

"He's not worried about playing right away," Craig Pryor said. "It will give him time to learn and adjust to the speed of the game."

I'd say read between the lines but, assuming the decision is between OSU and Michigan, there seems to be a pretty clear message in there--if it weren't for the less than stellar pronoun usage by the Gazette. Once more:

Craig Pryor said he did not pick Ohio State, but he did not indicate what school his son chose.

So to whom does the first "he" refer? Did Craig not pick OSU and therefore Terrelle did? Or visa versa?

Further more, what the hell is going on here? Since when does a high schooler cancel on ESPN? (Though he will be appearing to answer some questions, reiterate his final four schools for the umpteenth time).

Someone better commit tomorrow.

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