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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Let Down City

Those who saw Pryor's press conference on ESPNU know that it shed light on a whole lot of nothing.

Pryor kicked off "The U"'s signing day special with a dud and left the studio team to interpret. The ESPNU crew supported Pryor's indecision, saying it was a sign of a maturity on the part of the young QB. Clearly not Buckeye fans. They also said what everyone in Columbus, Ann Arbor and State College is pushing to the back of their conscience: "A trip to Eugene, Ore. could change everything."

UPDATE: Florida CB Brandon Harris is a Hurricane. Just announced on ESPNU. "At heart, I'm a 'Cane," said one of the country's top uncommitted (at the time) players. Thankfully, he didn't mess around with hats, specifically tossing an Ohio St. cap to the ground. Instead he jammed a Miami helmet on his head which, in the world of law enforcement, is the equivalent of a black ski mask.

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