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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Things that aren't necessarily true

After watching the googley-eyed Tim Russert analyze the Super Tuesday results and try his best to call the states before the numbers come in, I don't see any reason why I can't add some kindling to the rumor wildfire thats been spreading throughout the web since last week.

For starters, my longtime dark horse candidate, Florida CB Brandon Harris, may not be such a long shot after all. Posters on Scout boards are biting at everything they can dig up about this kid.

Not a whole out there on Big Josh Jenkins. Evidently gossiping about O-linemen is about as popular as discussing that girl who played Blossom.

As far as T.P. is concerned, no reports on what he had for dinner or who Charlie Batch voted for in the Primary, but I've come across two interesting "leads:"

  1. A message board post by a "Buckeye fan" that Brian from mgoblog published reports that none other than Jerome Bettis knows first hand that Pryor will be going to Michigan.
  2. IN CONTRAST, commit Andrew Sweat tells the Post-Gazette that "it sounded like [Pryor] was going to Ohio State."
More to come?

MORE: Check out the link Vico, from Our Honor Defend, posted in the comments. Stop the presses!

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Anonymous said...

There's also the comments left on Scout's boards of a person close to the Pryors and living in Jeannette who swears Pryor will be a Buckeye. http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=145&f=3155&t=1973138&sto=pagestart

for what it's worth

- vico

Dave said...

Nice find!

They're coming out of the woodwork