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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Herbstreit gets the hell out of Dodge

As Bob Hunter reported in Friday's Dispatch, Kirk Herbstreit is on the move.

Herbstreit, his wife and four kids plan on relocating to Connecticut, presumably to be closer to ESPN studios and hopefully appear in more of their clever commercials.

Herbie, a Centerville native, moved to built a MTV Cribs-worthy house near Old Arlington a few years back. Having the ex-Buckeyes QB in the neighborhood was exciting while it lasted, but there were always substantial rumors about the conspicuous location attracting too many unsolicited visitors.

photo c/o REMAX

The house is going for about $3.7 mil, no word as to if mascot heads or Chris Fowler memorabilia is included--though it's almost certain that Lee Corso sleeps on the couch in the den.

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