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Sunday, January 27, 2008

OSU alum play well on Sundays

Matt Wilhelm had a break-out year with the Chargers, but not good enough to edge out A.J. Hawk for a starting position on CFN's list.

In another one of CFN's trademark 'more than anyone should ever care to know about college football'-features, they've listed the Ohio St. alumni team near the top of their "NFL Alumni Teams" list.

This is one of their more, ahem, bogus undertakings. The criteria:
Remember, these are current players, or players that are still close to playing, with the occasional current college stars thrown in to to fill out a starting lineup. A * is next to the names of the incoming rookies, and a ** is next to the names of the players coming back to school next year. Also to note, the idea is to find the best players for the lines and the secondaries; they might not always fit with four safeties or five tackles if needed.
Incoming rookies? Current college players? Very curious...

The OSU roster is pretty intimidating, nonetheless (save for the typo on the D-Line.) As expected, our defense goes deeeeeep, especially in the DB and LB positions.

photo/ JIM BAIRD- Union Tribune

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