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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bigger Tease: Terrelle Pryor or JJ Abrams?

I pose this question only because the guys at Eleven Warriors staked claim to the more obvious, "Are you sick of hearing about Terrelle Pryor?"

Within the last 36ish hours, a relatively insignificant length of time when compared to the year's worth of strain this young man has put on the collective conscious of Buckeye Nation, these Pryor-related niblets have surfaced:

Though this is most tiresome (nonetheless, I feel like someone needs to make some kind of bold social commentary about the irony of myself and others like me becoming bored with the circus that, essentially, we've created), I can hardly wait to tune in tomorrow to see what twist the Pryor drama has taken.

Coincidently, today (Thursday) is also the return of JJ Abrams' masterwork,
LOST. Abrams, who long ago handed the reins off to Damon Lindelhof and Carlton Cruse, is known for his large scale mindfucks. Cloverfield, which I, admittedly, have yet to see, is heralded as the Blair Witch of monster flicks because of it's clever promotional campaign that divulged as little info as possible about the plot or antagonist. Essentially, the Abrams-produced film rode the internet/word-of-mouth buzz created by thousands of co-opted fanboys to the number one box office spot its opening weekend.

In a similar fashion, Pryor--knowingly or not--is a one man hype machine. Like the
LOST, he scatters nonlinear clues throughout interviews (episodes), playing the media hot and cold. Just when we think we've figured him out, he drops a season finale cliffhanger like "I'm 50-50 about pushing my announcement back."

I'm in negotiations with our friend, traveling reporter Paul Germain, to do a point/ counter-point debating whether Pryor will be a detriment or foundation stone to the Buckeyes if he comes on board.

Stay tuned...


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