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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Former Buckeyes get their degrees

A press release issued earlier this week by The Ohio State University details the school's success in issuing degrees to former student-athletes. A report published by the National Consortium of Academics and Sports (NCAS), ranks OSU "second nationally in the 2006-07 academic year in former student-athletes returning and completing their undergraduate degrees." A PDF of the NCAS report can be found here.

Kudos to OSU for offering the NCAS' Degree Completion Program.

The list of alumni athletes (more than 100) that are currently/were in the program reads something like a line-up for the Ohio St. edition of Hollywood Squares. Some of the highlights:

  • Butler By'not'e ('90-'93), who made apostrophes fashionable far before Ni'al Diggs.
  • Mike Nugent ('01-'04). But, really, how did Nuge manage to not get his degree in four years?
  • Michael Wiley ('96-'99)
  • Mike Kudla ('02-'05) Not to perpetuate the meat head stereotype, but there's just no way this guy ever had time to go to class with his rigorous bench press schedule.
  • George Reese ('99-'00). Remember? The small forward on the phantom Final Four team? 'G' tattoo on his arm? Eh? Eh?

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