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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Didn't this happen in Fast Times at Ridgemont High?

Kind of, only it was a Camaro that U.C.L.A. gave Charles Jefferson (Forrest Whitaker).

Two Fast Times references in the same week?

Homeboys over at Zombie Nation (PSU) and the venerable MGoBlog (you know who) have unearthed this non-story.

Al-leg-ed-ly, Tress and some staff were caught doing some shady dealings with a one Ted Sarniak, a playboy-type out of Terrelle Pryor's hometown, Jeannette, PA. Evidently, the Sarniak name is often paired with "loose morals" and, occasionally, "bribed a police officer."

Read the blogs and take from them what you will. Keep in mind that Tressel was in fact on the recruiting trail last weekend.

Don't, however, expect this to go away by tomorrow, as this story seems to be building steam by the moment. Photo-ops like this don't help, though it's clearly an old(er) picture.

No need to file this one under "Oh, shit" until you spot T.P. on 315 North, switching lanes at 90 mph.

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