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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Silver Bullet Points

Another chapter from The Vest Chronicles

The legend continues to grow with the help of this piece on ESPN.com by Ivan Maisel. The story is the same, about a noble man from Mentor, Ohio who emphasizes special teams play as much as he does class.

You kind of wish they would dig up some new, juicy info on the guy, but the affirming fact remains that the man we've come to know as The Senator has no skeletons to speak of (though ESPN did some probing during the Clarett saga), no quirks other than his intimidating win percentage and modest offensive output. Even that one tear-jerking viral anecdote about his generous donation to a d
isabled player proved to be mostly fictitious.

Les Miles, on the contrary, makes for a much more interesting feature story. His erratic fourth quarter play calling and public snub of Michigan are the trappings of a movie-of-the-week.


  • As this section is fast and reluctantly becoming the "Pryor Watch" it seems appropriate to report the word that highly touted freshman QB Ryan Mallett plans on leaving Michigan. Nothing is official as of yet, no paper work to speak of, but a transfer, supposedly to UCLA, wouldn't be a shock. Mallett was heavily recruited out of high school as a pro-style QB, much like his contemporary, Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame's on-again 0ff-again frosh starter.) Mallet, who started for the Weasels when Chad Henne was hurt this season, was a sure-bet to start next year until Richie Rich rolled in to town, guns blazing with talk of bringing Terrelle Pryor to Ann Arbor. Does Mallett know something we don't? It's hard to believe a blue-chipper golden boy would leave his post because he isn't sold on a new offense after what, two days. Or maybe Rich Rod wasn't exactly trying to push his product to this particular costumer, if you catch my drift...

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