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Saturday, January 5, 2008

'Eye Candy

Pryor's 'point' sends shock wave through college football community

Anyone who has sat through more than five minutes of the Army All-American knows that this game, while a great honor for those participating, is nothing more than a unique chance for the two guys in the booth to talk recruiting for a couple hours while the talent down on the field holds the audience's attention. If only out of obligation, I'll note that the East squad won today's game, 32-23 with--who else--Terrelle Pryor accounting for 155 yards total offense and 2 touchdowns. Keep in mind he split time with two other QBs.

Real. Deal.

Pryor's new buddies, Mike Adams, DeVier Posey, J.B. Shugarts, Ben Buchanan, Jake Stoneburner, Etienne Sabino and Lamaar Thomas (an RB out of Maryland who also showed much promise) were all there too. And lest we forget the leader of this incredible class, Michael Brewster who did not play due to injury but did tape this segment for Scout.com.

What is this buckeye leaf he is talking about at the end, you ask?

I think he meant
this buckeye leaf:

Courtesy of user nphsbuckeye on JJHuddle.com

The sticker became noticeable soon after Pryor set foot on the field but shoddy camera angles wouldn't allow a clear view. This screen capture, however, erases any doubt.

I can't help but feel that there's some subtext here that I'm overlooking, some kind of message...

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