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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Silver Bullet Points

Business is business

There's no turning back now for Ohio St., who landed in New Orleans earlier today.

And, from the sound of this article, Tress has the boys in the right state of mind this year. No Princess Hotel, no shaggin' balls at the driving range, no fraternizing with the ASU coeds. Hell, there's not even a moment to spare for any philanthropic endeavors.

"A national championship is all that's weighing on my mind," receiver Brian Hartline said. "When it comes down to it, it's a business trip, and when I go down there, it's just LSU."
Be still my restless B-Hart.

After West Va. thoroughly whacked a surprisingly outmatched Oklahoma tonight (the Rich-Rod camp requests the win put him at 2-0 this bowl season), only Virgina Tech-Kansas stands in the way of assuring the Championship Game be the most entertaining BCS game this season--assuming both teams show up to play.

  • '08 commit Mike Adams of Dublin Coffman talks to Scout about Army All American Bowl. Nothing too tangible here but lots of Buckeye "insiders" on the web have been chatting about Terrelle Pryor's favorable behavior in Texas. He's supposedly running around with the Brew Crew and tossin' deep balls to commit WR DeVier Posey in practice. Conversely, I've also seen board postings that place Pryor showing up in a Michigan hoodie. Bottom line, the kid has to love all this attention.
  • But back to that WVU game. Though I found myself flipping between that and a sorely overrated (despite a cameo from Glenn Palilla's girlfriend) episode of Gossip Girl towards the end, the Mountaineers may have snagged the most impressive win of the post season and most definitely their season. I mean this is OKLAHOMA, Big 12 champs, winner of two games against Mizzou with the consensus freshman of the year behind center. Couple that with the month WVU has endured: two heartbreaking losses, one the result of a conscious decision. Oh, and let's not forget that perennial Heisman hopeful Steve Slaton was M.I.A. for most of the game. Despite starting with the deck stacked against them, the 'Neers produced a bucket full of SportsCenter highlights and pretty much scared the shit out of everyone who was watching Noel Devine prove for the 50th time this season why he was a former YouTube phenom--one with at least two more seasons left in him. After that display tonight, there should be no question as to who is the best two-loss team in the country (really? Gerry, really?)
  • As for Big Game Bobby Stoops... where have you gone? Since his 2001 title with the Sooners he is 3-4 in bowl games, including that 55-19 slaughtering in the '04 Championship "Game" against USC. www.firebobstoops.com ?
  • With these two in Arizona, who's running hell?

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