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Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Road to The Championship

Truck stops, blue colored grass, CDs under $20:Paul and the crew can only be one place...

Coming to you from the heart of SEC country, Tennesee where everyone drives a pick up truck. We are making great time although we had an extended "pit stop" in a Kentucky truck stop.

We played a little "dear slayer" arcade game, appropriately, and browsed the huge selection of country music.

-Paul, Josh, and JR, 1:53 AM EST

Careful now boys, once you cross that Mason-Dixon line there's no turning back and certainly none of them fancy mp3 whozamawhatchits so stock up on your road tunes now. While our brave travelers navigate the evening pavement, barreling towards an early morning arrival in New Orleans, let's take a gander at what SEC country is all about, courtesy of Pat Forde at ESPN.com.

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