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Sunday, February 24, 2008

What game?

Scout.com has posted a few photos from this afternoon's cameo. Here, with Dublin Coffman's Mike Adams:

Per traveling reporter Paul Germain and the Newark Advocate, the previously mentioned commits that Pryor was with were J.B. Shugarts, Mike Adams, Michael Brewster and Jake Stoneburner.

Pryor and the gang evidently vacated their premium seats before things got ugly on the court and hopefully went somewhere more intimate to discuss their prosperous future together.

Paul, who is just begging for a pay raise or at least a reimbursement to cover all his text messages today, says to expect some "exclusive" information from local reporter Jeff Hogan, who appeared to grab the recruit for a minute of face-time. Contradicting reports, however, say that Pryor avoided making any comments to reporters.

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