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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Reports: Adams out with injury, awaits surgery

Little over a week into spring practice and Jim Tressel may have his first casualty of the '08 season.

OL Mike Adams, ranking officer in the Brew Crew with overpowering stature, has sustained a shoulder injury that will require surgery and may sideline him until October, if not the entire season, according to various posting boards.

IF Adams were to have an extended recovery period, it wouldn't be surprising to see him sporting a red shirt this season back in action soon enough. Though having "Big Mike" around for another year of development while he waits out Alex Boone's departure isn't the end of the world, Adams was/is competing for first year playing time along with classmates J.B. Shugarts and Mike Brewster.

Expect official word from OSU by the end of the day if any of this info is factual. Jim Bollman has confirmed Adams' shoulder injury. Ken Gordon reports this encouraging news:

To put it into perspective, Bollman said if Adams had suffered a similar injury during the season, he probably would have played through it and had surgery in the offseason. That hardly sounds like a separation or serious tear. You can't "play through" those. Bollman compared it to a problem tackle Shane Olivea had in the latter half of the 2002 season. He played through that all the way to a national championship.

This is a setback to a promising freshman, yes. But he may be healthy by fall...

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