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Friday, April 4, 2008

Koufos "update"

The Dispatch's OSU bball blog was quick to begin to Koufos watch. "I don't know" was the most reporters could get out of the tight lipped freshman when asked if he'd return to OSU.

Though Buckeye fans just getting used to the one-and-done trend in college basketball, experience psycho-analyzing football underclassmen can come in handy here. When Koufos says "It's not a big deal for me right now" what he really means is that he's thought about it almost every day since arriving on campus.

As is the case with doomed high school relationships , it's never a good sign when a player still needs to "think things over" but it's not necessarily bad sign either. No one can blame the international all-star for weighing his options and getting some substantial feedback on his Draft status. Hoops & Scoops, the blog above, says he is a projected first rounder (no source named) but certainly not a lottery pick as expected before the season began.

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