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Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Road to The Championship

Paul, Josh and JR taking a breather and waxing philosophical outside of one of those kooky southern emporiums.
The smell continues to worsen as we cruise towards the Mississippi delta but nothing can stop these brave reporters from reaching our destination.

We are currently making good time traveling south down I-65 as Paul Germain is bobbing and weaving through the plentiful highway of pick up trucks. Josh Miller as taken over the role of navigator while JR Thompson heads up our security detail. The glares have become more threatening the further south that we have traveled. It doesn't help that Paul and Josh bellowed out a series of "OH""IO" chants disrupting the game of pool that was taking place at the Truck Stop / McDonald's / Nail Salon / Laundry mat / Tire Center.

As far as the upcoming show down is concerned, our sources in New Orleans indicate that the team is upbeat and so are we as we continue to head in hostile territory. The 2002 National Championship game is on loop in the rear entertainment system while we eat up white lines heading to the "Big Easy". This team of roving reporters is confident that Tressel and his silver bullets are not doomed to make the same mistakes of a year ago.

Over the next 72 hours sleep will take a back seat as we honor our commitment to the readers of Old Columbus Town to provide the best coverage possible that three cars sales people can provide. You won't be getting the cream puff predictions like you hear from Corso and Herbie. We will scour Bourbon Street, the Superdome and everything in between to be your eyes and ears in the Bayou.

Big thanks to Dave for putting together a great place for Buckeye fans to call home. Sorry for dumbing it up!

Paul, Josh, and JR, 3:38PM EST

Well done boys! Deep into enemy territory and still not afraid to wear your colors. I'm not in the least bit embarrassed to say that I've been living vicariously through you and wish these sore eyes could see what awaits you on Bourbon St, or should I say "South High St."

Stay tuned...

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