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Monday, January 7, 2008

The Road to The Championship


The temptress that is New Orleans did her best to distract us from the reason we came down here, but even hand grenades and hurricanes couldn't stop the Old Columbus Town reporters from bringing you coverage on the ground. It's gameday, the game we've been preparing for since September, since last January to be honest. The debate of whether or not we belong here is moot now, all that matters is that we show up. The opportunity that this game provides is like something out of an Ashton Kucher movie. Imagine, the biggest regret you have in your life, and you have a chance to do it over. Laurinitis, Wells, Gohlston and the rest of the crew have been given a mulligan and I promise they will take advantage of it.

Ohio State fans are outnumbered down here, as expected, but every person that made the trip knows what's at stake. The itinerary today consists solely of football. There is a "Varsity Club South" set up near the stadium where Buckeye fans have been going to pasture. We'll spend the morning down there trying to sell an extra game ticket. Maybe we'll give it away.

We have to give a quick shout out to the women who made this little road trip possible. Lauren and Jennifer played key roles in this excursion, allowing their men to spend a few days in hedonism. Paul of course has no female to answer to; this allows his focus to rest singularly on the Buckeyes.

This will be our last post before the game. Hopefully we'll come back to Cbus tomorrow with some hardware.

Go Bucks.

-Paul, Josh and JR, 10:25 AM CST

That's some nice work there, boys. I think I know the Ashton Kutcher movie of which you speak. It's called Cheaper by The Dozen and co-stars Steve Martin, Hilary Duff and that girl from Coyote Ugly who is supposedly a former OU Pi Phi.

Sounds like plenty of 'strategery' was done last night. As far as that extra ticket is concerned, I know a handsome fellow who is ready to jump on the next flight direct flight to the Superdome (I hear the LAX-Superdome seats are cheap).

Will good fortune give us another report tomorrow? Perhaps from the "victory lap" home?

Stay tuned...

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