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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

If spring predictions hold true, come December there's gonna be some fussin' and a-feudin' in Georgia (again)

College Football News, owned and operated by Scout.com, has long been my favorite of the myriad internet college football, uh, news websites. The staff seems genuinely passionate about the one sport that they tirelessly cover year-round while always making efforts towards non-partisanship and giving press to even the smallest D-1 programs.

Based on this flattery alone, one can only assume that their predictions carry the most weight and are always spot-on. In today's crystal ball: An Ohio State v. Florida rematch in the BCS title game.

Their Spring Preview began in late last month, highlighting the 40 Best Non-Conference Matchups (No. 1: OSU v. USC) and finished with their BCS predictions:

Rose: Wisconsin v. USC
Orange: BC v. Pitt. ( I know, right?)
Fiesta: Missouri v. BYU
Sugar: Georgia v. Oklahoma
BCS Champ.: OSU v. Florida

Last May, the wizards at CFN were a modest 4 of 10 when guessing who the BCS teams would be (like most, going with LSU in the title game.) If their guess that Georgia will be playing in one of the "other" statistically determined matchups holds true, then it's time to--at the very least-- rethink that New Years golf outing to Athens unless you want to run into this guy:

From the article:
College football fans outside of Columbus might welcome this matchup as much as a kick in the store, but it could happen even if they each have a loss.

Make no mistake about it, like it or not, Ohio State is the most talented team in America. With James Laurinaitis, Malcolm Jenkins and Alex Boone all putting off their millions for another year, arguably the best kicking game in the country, Beanie Wells running the ball, depth everywhere, and Terrelle Pryor providing a possible bolt of lightning here and there, it'll be a shocker if the Buckeyes don't roll through the regular season, and that includes road trips to USC, Wisconsin and Illinois. Even so, there will be a collective groan if they end up in Miami instead of Pasadena.

Most notable is their claim that even a one-loss Buckeye team could find their way back to the title game. Not only is this debatable, it's probably being debated at this very moment, in a dimly lit speak-easy somewhere between South Carolina and Alabama.

If Jan. 8, 2009 is too long to wait for another shot at the Gators, fret not, as an OSU v. Florida NIT Championship is looking more and more likely.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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