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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Michigan posts first win over OSU since Feb. '04

After 4 meetings on the football field and 3 1/2 basketball seasons, the Wolverines finally got one. The last 'L' to Michigan came in the Crisler Arena on Feb. 29, 2004. The leading scorer for the Bucks? Tony Stockman.

Suffice it to say the victory was a big deal in Ann Arbor, with RichRod in attendance (taking notes) and the Maize Rage rushing, or should I say meandering, on the court after time expired.

Looks like the NIT might be the place to be for Matta's ragtag squad (despite previous predictions.) Since and including their loss to Purdue on Jan. 12, the Buckeyes are 5-6 and face what is almost certainly the toughest stretch of their schedule.

It would be impressive, to say the least, for the Buckeye ballers to reach Matta's magic 20th win, as it would mean victories over at least two of the Big Ten's best. The positive outlook being that this remaining schedule, if navigated correctly, could sneak OSU into the tournament.

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Jason said...

I'd forgotten what it felt like until today. Still sucks.