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Monday, January 14, 2008

Silver Bullet Points

Robby's World

Howie Mandel: High culture satirist or second banana to an animated adolescent, ostensibly a figment of his own imagination?

And then there were two. Robby Schoenhoft, tight end and former second-string QB is officially an ex-Buckeye. His departure leaves only two scholarship QBs on the roster (Moonlighting Pittsburgh Pirates minor leaguer Joe Bauserman being the third option.)

Schoenhoft, after sitting out a season, can be seen playing in a hideous uniform at Division 1-AA Delaware. Delaware is best known as the team that made it to the 2007 1-AA Championship, only to lose to Appalachian State--the team that beat Michigan.
Best of luck to Rob, who was quite the item coming out of high school at St. X, but never managed (or got the chance) to live up to his potential.

  • Ryan Mallet also made it clear he'd be packing his bags. Mallet was assumed all-but gone at Michigan from the moment Rich Rod was hired but now it's official and reports as of posting say he's off to Arkansas. With Bobby Petrino, former head coach of the Atlanta Falcons and Louisville, at the wheel, Mallet may be given a real chance to shine. The #2 Qb recruit in last year's class, this kid is big and accurate, so it's best that he's down south where we don't have to worry about him.
  • I would have loved to have been in the room at NBC head-quarters when they were deciding who would host their new, high stakes, top-rated game show and some guy said, "What about Howie Mandel, you know, from Bobby's World?"

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