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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Silver Bullet Points

ESPN finds clever new interpretation of SEC acronym

Not much to be said here. Tressel actually gives a comment that could be translated as *gasp* self-promoting and B-Hart continues to illustrate why he'd be much more intimidating if he didn't talk or remove his helmet and pads.

  • Terrelle Pyror on Rivals Radio: TP sounds like he really phoned this one in, so to speak. It's fairly short and fun to see if u can discern any kind of tonal variation in Pryor's voice when speaking of Ohio St. A couple items of note:
    • He has an official visit scheduled at Michigan.
    • He claims to be legitimately considering Duke. The interviewer, in a feeble attempt to translate Terrelle's monosyllabic mumbles, brazenly states this is merely a "courtesy visit."
    • Basketball is "not that important."
    • He doesn't have to play immediately.
  • Corso and Herbie talkin' shop, title game. Towards the end Corso evidently begins reading off of/ stealing from Kirk's teleprompter, though I assume this is protocol by this point in the season:

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