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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Spend the big Buck$ on...

2008 BCS 'Helmets Tee'

available at The Buckeye Corner

Nothing says buyers remorse like waking up on January 9th, 2007 after an early night, still in your game day jeans and '07 BCS 'Helmets Tee.' But there's no reason this year can't be different in your crisp, heather gray, '08 edition. Safe shoppers will get theirs early and enjoy over a month of garunteed satisfaction. Smart shoppers will pick theirs up Dec. 26th when retailers are desperate to rid themselves of this burden. Conversely, those fat-cat, high-risk Wall Street types will play the market and wait till January 8th when stores will either be tossing the left-over 'Helmet Tees' or immortalizing them in oak frames.

It's your call. Tears wash out with soap and hot water.

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